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    Restorative Healing V4.0 | Emotional, Trauma Subliminal Audio

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    Restorative Healing V4.0 | Emotional, Trauma Subliminal Audio


    Emotional, trauma, inner child, shadow, and much more subliminal audio. 


    The outside world is a reflection of your internal world.

    Imagine yourself as a lightbulb.

    The goal is to have it shine as bright as possible. So that you can live your purpose and impact the world in a meaningful way.

    Yet, there is dust that gets in the way.

    It could be childhood trauma, insecurities, emotional vulnerabilities.

    These are all preventing you from living a great life.

    More money, more relationships with beautiful people, career, body.

    All of this can be improved through restorative healing. 

    No trauma will be able to hide from this massive powerful subliminal.

    It's time to release your negative beliefs before it destroys your potential completely. 

    Let go of past pains and limitations that are stopping you from being great.

    Invest in your future now.

    What's Inside of the Restorative Healing Script:

    • Restorative Healing Core module so you can begin flooding your subconscious minds with powerful affirmations which means you will begin to command your mind to heal the body, mind, and spirit. 
    • Paradigm Destroyer For Healing module was written to metaphorically 'empty your cup' internally which means you will now let go of all beliefs that are not useful to you becoming whole. 
    • Worrier/Stress Evaporator module so you can let go of all your low-level worries and stresses about the past, present, and future which means you will feel a sense of ease about your life. 
    • Trauma Eraser module is written for you to let go of any unconscious/conscious trauma that is weighing you down which means you will see your past in a new light and feel lighter in the present moment. 
    • Bad Habits Eraser module so you can begin to outgrow any habits that are hurting you which means you will find it easier to say no to addictions and actions that are holding you back from greatness.
    • Healing Core module so you can use the power of your mind to heal yourself which means you will feel better now, and in the future. 
    • Self Care Mastery module so you can take care of yourself, have daily rituals and practices in place to feel better which means you'll have more energy and develop more self-love. 
    • Inner Child module was written for you to heal any tension, trauma for the child part of ourselves which means you will feel more whole as each day goes by.
    • Inner Peace module so you can feel a sense of peace no matter what external situation is happening which means you will stop striving to get "there" and be okay with here. 
    • High Vibration module is written for you to think and act in a high vibe way which means you will make decisions from your higher self, moment by moment. 
    • Limit Evaporator module so you can release any subconscious beliefs and limitations which means you will be free to dream big and pursue your goals without fear. 
    • Excuses Evaporator module is written for you to let go of these excuses that are holding you back from your potential which means you will finally take complete responsibility for your past and creating your future. 
    • Fearless module so you let go of conscious & unconscious fears which means you will walk through life with ease and supreme confidence about you. 
    • Love Your Life module so you can appreciate everything about your environment which means you will see reality through a positive and opportunity-seeking perspective. 
    • Positivity module so you can be filled with positive thoughts about yourself, the world, and others which means you will raise your personal vibration.
    • Past Forgiver module will allow you to reframe and let go of anything negative that happens in the past which means you will feel free to build a new and improved version of yourself. 
    • Shame Destroyer module so you can deeply feel enough which means you will recognize that you are enough, you have always been enough and you will always be enough. 
    • Self Esteem Mastery module so you can like yourself, take responsibility, and pursue meaningful goals without all the negative self-talk holding you back. 
    • Self Love Mastery module will fill you with absolute love and appreciation for yourself which means your cup will be filled so that you can fill others. 
    • SuperCharged Immune System will protect you from infections, colds, and other viruses which means you can feel healthy more often in your life. 
    • Cellular Health module so you can command all your cells to work to their highest potential and keep your body in perfect health & harmony. 
    • Protection Aura module so you can protect from any low vibration attacks and people which means you will be able to keep your inner peace regardless of your environment.
    • Gratitude & Appreciation Lite module so you can be flooded with high vibration gratitude, abundance like thoughts which means you will begin to see the world in a completely new powerful/positive light. 
    • Healing & Recovery module is written so you can heal and recover from any physical ailments which mean diseases, viruses, toxins, or anything that is stopping you from being in great health. 
    • Releaser module is here so you can let go of any physical, mental, and spiritual blocks that are stopping you from success which means you will achieve your goals are a much faster rate. 

    **Audio duration length: There are (8) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

    **This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

    **You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.**

    **Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase.**

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