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    Money Magnet V4.0 - Effortlessly Attract Money, Wealth & Abundance Into Your Life

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    Money Magnet V4.0 - Effortlessly Attract Money, Wealth & Abundance Into Your Life

    Money Magnet V4.0 Subliminal Audio

    Effortlessly Attract Money, Wealth & Abundance Into Your Life

    Money Magnet is a combination of TYCOON + Law of Attraction + Think & Grow Rich inspired principles. The script is our largest one yet and is completely centered around you becoming a magnet to money, wealth and cold hard cash.

    Money is one of those very charged words.

    A word who fills people with an entire spectrum of emotion.

    Some think of the word "money" and are filled with fear, scarcity, anxiety, stress and other negative emotions.

    Some associate "money" with opportunity, love, abundance, security and other positive emotions.

    We all feel a certain way when the topic of money is discussed. 

    We all use money. Whether it's paying your car, insurance, healthcare, food, student loans, credit cards and going out money.

    And yes - do you need money for more happiness? Probably not. Just imagine if someone randomly came up to you on the street and handed you $25,000 in cash and said it's all yours, you've been chosen and runs away.

    Would this money hurt you? Make you feel sad? Leave you in a worse position than before?

    Obviously not. 

    You can use it to pay your bills. Take care of your family. Go on a deserved vacation. 

    Feel more secure in your status in life.

    Invest in your business or start the company you've been dreaming about for years. 

    Money is a tool that can immensely help your life. 

    We could all use a bit more - especially in today’s climate with this Covid lockdowns, market chaos and other factors.

    Be The Magnet

    Mike Tyson spent hundreds of millions of dollars within years to the point where he was bankrupt, broke and barely able to afford food.

    From having 400 million to nothing.

    On a recent podcast he said that he's made a large part of it back already just as easily as before.

    He is a real life example of a money magnet.

    A human being whose entire energy is attracting the flow of money and abundance into his life.

    These people walk among us. 

    They have all their needs taken care of. Can easily make boat loads of cash at a snap of their fingers.

    Always have clients, sales, business success.

    They are money magnets.

    Their vibration attracts the flow of money to effortlessly enter their life.

    Would you want to be more like that?

    Effortlessly attract wealth and abundance into your life?

    Let's Be Honest

    You don't NEED money, but we both know it helps.

    How can you pursue your passion? Your purpose? Your personal growth? Your souls evolution? When feeling stressed about paying off your electricity bill.

    We are extremely excited to release this Money Magnet V4.0 subliminal audio for you to help you with this area of your life. 

    What's Inside of the Money Magnet V4 Script:

    • Money Magnet scripting¬†so you can attract money everywhere you go which means you will be bombarded with opportunities and riches just by showing up.¬†
    • Thoughts Are Things script inspired from Think and Grow Rich, the premise being that our thoughts create our reality. This is also the basis of subliminal audio and why it works so effectively.¬†
    • Extreme Desire scripting will allow your conscious and unconscious focus be toward your goals and objectives.
    • Supreme Faith scripting will allow you to walk toward the completion of your goals with a sense of peace, confidence and security that everything will turn out for your maximum advantage.
    • Autosuggestion Creator script will allow your mind to begin repeating "thought loops" of your own to further program and brainwash yourself for positive results.
    • Specialized Knowledge script gets you to learn, notice and apply a daily process to learn the most ROI skills that your growth requires in life.
    • Imagination Enhancer script will allow your mind to think about your goals, passions, future plans, objectives coming into fruition in an easy and effortless manner.
    • Organized Planning script will help you create the strategy, plan and daily actions required to achieve your goals.
    • Effective Decision scripting gives you clarity to take massive action daily in pursuit of your
    • Mastermind scripting will allow you to find mentors and friends who will hold you accountable, help you grow in¬†your wealth generation.
    • Sex Transmutation script will allow you to transmute, redirect powerful sexual energy and use it to create/manifest powerful realities.
    • Sixth Sense scripting will get you more in touch with your intuition, directly linked to wealth creation.¬†
    • Wealth Prosperity CORE scripting¬†so you can bombard your mind with positive money thoughts which means your perception of reality will completely evolve.¬†
    • Money Creativity scripting¬†so you can begin to think of the limitless ways for you to increase your wealth which means you will have business ideas and wealth-building actions to take daily.¬†
    • Money Confidence scripting¬†so you can have absolute trust in your own ability to generate, save & invest your income which means you will become fully self-reliant in all monetary activities.
    • Joy & Happiness scripting¬†so you can feel good NOW which means you will fall in love with the process rather than the end result.
    • Prosperity Gratitude scripting¬†so you can appreciate your current financial reality which means your mind will see the world through a filter of abundance and thankfulness.¬†
    • Money Vibration scripting,¬†so you can utilize the 'like attracts like' universal force which means you will vibrate at a level of abundance and appreciation of wealth.
    • Effectiveness scripting¬†to begin making daily money moves¬†which means you can stop wasting your time on useless activities.¬†
    • Deserving scripting¬†so you can have a healthy entitlement to your financial goals which means you becoming prosperous is something that was meant to happen to you.¬†
    • Money Magnet scripting¬†so you can attract money everywhere you go which means you will be bombarded with opportunities and riches just by showing up.¬†
    • Money Identity scripting¬†so you can have the self-image of a wealthy person which means you will think, feel and act in accordance with that new identity.¬†
    • Money Move scripting¬†so you can move through life in a manner of ease and delight which means your every movement will be that of a wealthy individual.¬†
    • Think Money scripting¬†is designed for you to be flooded with thoughts & ideas on the topic of money which means you will tap into the power of what you think about expands.¬†
    • Discipline scripting¬†so you can be disciplined in all manners of money which means you will take the daily actions to make your dreams into a reality.¬†
    • Delayed Gratification scripting¬†so you can avoid wasting money which means your decision-making process will be focused toward creating a better financial future.¬†
    • Expectation scripting, so you can expect to become rich which means becoming wealthy, will become something inevitable instead of a far-out dream.¬†
    • Lucky scripting¬†is designed for you to see and be of good fortune which means that you will be in situations that will make you more money, more often.¬†
    • Clean & Organized scripting¬†so you can have a clear map of your current financial reality which means you will avoid late fees, mistakes in regards to every nuanced area of your financial reality.¬†
    • Fearless scripting¬†is designed to have you in an all-out pursuit of achieving your goals which means nothing will stop you from taking the daily actions to make your dreams into a reality.
    • Confidence scripting¬†is designed for you to feel extremely confident right now which means that your self-trust and faith in yourself will skyrocket.¬†
    • Successful scripting¬†so you can view yourself and vibrate at a successful level right now which means you will see yourself as a successful person instead of waiting for some distant future.¬†
    • Extreme Action Taker scripting¬†is designed for you to focus on the daily action steps required to become rich which means you won't waste your time sitting on the couch.¬†
    • People Pleasing scripting¬†is here to eradicate all behavior micro or macro that has you pleasing people which means¬†you won't stop yourself, filter yourself on this journey to prosperity.¬†
    • Past Reprogrammer scripting¬†is here to rewrite and reframe your past which means you can let go of all stress, guilt, and mistakes that you made. This will allow you to view your entire life in a positive manner.¬†
    • Shame Eradicator scripting¬†is designed to realize that you are enough, you have always been enough and you will always be enough. Which means that you can enjoy life & the process right at this moment.¬†
    • Destiny scripting¬†is here to install the belief that it is your destiny since day 1 to become rich which means you will tap into the force of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • Extreme Self Love scripting¬†is designed for you to love yourself completely which means you can vibrate at a higher frequency, give more love to the world and receive all the great benefits you deserve.¬†
    • Extreme Self Esteem scripting¬†is here for you to truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to which means if you want wealth, it is yours.¬†
    • Day & Night Dreamer scripting¬†is designed for you to be always thinking positively about money, how to receive it, how to give more value to others.¬†
    • Debt & Limit Eradicator scripting¬† is here for you to eradicate all limits and debts internally which means you will look at your potential with bright eyes.¬†
    • Wake up Money¬†With Money Mind scripting¬†will do exactly that. Keep you excited while you move forward during the process of wealth creation.¬†
    • Abundance scripting¬†is designed for you to view reality as with absolute plenty which means you will make decisions that aren't filled with scarcity.
    • LOA Paradigm Destroyer scripting¬†module will rewire your beliefs & mindsets about your ability to raise your vibration, attract what you desire and live to your potential.
    • Law of Attraction Core 1,2,3,4 scripting¬†is written so you can manifest the life of your dreams, attract positive experience/people which means you can fully step into your role as a co-creator.¬†
    • Synchronicity Core 1,2,3,4 scripting¬†so you can have constant feedback from the Universe that you are on the right path and there is direct guidance moving you forward.
    • Intuition Enhancer scripting¬†so you can develop a relationship with your gut, intuition and the part of you that knows what's best.
    • Extreme Gratitude Lite scripting¬†so you can increase your abundance, appreciation which means you will feel better and boost your manifestation processes.¬†
    • High Vibration Installer scripting¬†so you can increase your vibration¬† which means you will begin to attract great people, events, information, ideas, visions and thoughts.¬†
    • Limit Eradicator scripting¬†so you can eliminate any self-imposed limits which means you will begin to dream bigger and take daily actions in alignment with your goals.¬†
    • Stress & Anxiety Lite script is here so you can let go of any dark, heavy emotions, stress and anxiety that are preventing you from feeling good and manifesting a positive future in your life.¬†

    PS. See, money gives you freedom. The freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom. The freedom to take a vacation. The freedom to get two entrees at the restaurant. Freedom, freedom and more freedom. That's what we want for you.  To align your vibration, frequency and subconscious beliefs with money, wealth and complete abundance. And that's exactly what Money Magnet V4 was created to do. Start listening today.

    **Audio duration length: There are (7) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

    **This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

    **You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.** 

    **Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase.**

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