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    Manifest Your Perfect Boyfriend Subliminal | Improve Your Relationships

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    Manifest Your Perfect Boyfriend Subliminal | Improve Your Relationships


    Improve Your Relationships


    It's time for you to manifest your perfect boyfriend. The soulmate. 

    A man whose personality syncs with yours. Who cheers you on. Who turns you on. Who desires you. Who makes you laugh.

    Whatever criteria you desire, it's time to bring him into your reality.

    This subliminal is extremely powerful at improving your current relationships (friends or significant others) and especially if you are looking to have a new boyfriend.

    Stop settling for average. You deserve the best.

    Having a partner by your side who supports you is critical.

    Build a gorgeous life together, whatever that looks like to you.

    Invest in your future. Invest and manifest your perfect boyfriend.

    What's Inside of the Manifest Your Perfect Boyfriend Script:

    • Paradigm Destroyer for Manifesting Your Perfect Boyfriend module so you can let go of any subconscious beliefs that are preventing you from having an incredible perfect boyfriend. 
    • Perfect Boyfriend Core module has pages and pages of scripting allowing your subconscious to determine the personality, lifestyle, characteristics, look of your perfect boyfriend which means you will be able to manifest it through clarity and intention. 
    • Heart Opener module will let you open your heart to love which means even if you had trauma or a negative past relationship, you can let that go and be open to experiencing a new, positive reality. 
    • Ideal Couple module so you can have the ideal relationship which means others will look up to you guys, and ask for advice for their own life. 
    • Manifesting Powers Amplifier module will greatly increase your ability to manifest, attract and create external realities that you desire which means you can cultivate this power and use it to manifest your perfect boyfriend. 
    • Relationship Manifester module was created not only for your perfect boyfriend, but for any type of friend, network or business connection you desire will now be within your reach. 
    • Relationship Harmonizer module will stop all the conflict appearing in all of your relationships which means you will experience more peace and joy. 
    • Authentic Connections module will have you create lasting positive relationships with others through genuine and authentic connection which means you won't need to be fake or seek anyones approval. 
    • Past Relationship Healer module will release any negative experiences from your past boyfriends which means you will not let the past define your future. 
    • Femininity Amplifier module will tap into your divine feminine powers to seduce the world which means you will become the best woman you possible can be. 
    • Social Genius Lite module has pages of scripting for you to become a social genius which means you will be able to move strategically in all situations at work, on dates etc, etc. 
    • Irresistible to Men module will make you exactly that. It will create this radiance of sexiness to whomever you desire to seduce. 
    • Feminine Warmth module which means you will radiate a 'warmth' which is irresistible to men.
    • Attractive Personality module will have you become naturally charming, charismatic and and a joy to be around which means you will have more friends and more positive relationships. 
    • Attractive Lifestyle module will have your life become interesting and irresistible to others which means you will have fun and share it with potential suitors. 
    • Attractive Presence module so you can have an attractive aura and presence just by you being you which means you will have an authentic connection with whomever you get in contact with. 
    • Extreme Self Love module is here so you can love yourself first, which is the prerequisite to allowing others to love you which means you won't look to your boyfriend for validation anymore. 
    • Releaser module is here so you can delete, uncreate and let go of any past pains, traumas, negative beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing a new and improved reality. 

    **Audio duration length: There are (8) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

    **This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

    **You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.** 

    **Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase.**

    **You can immediately begin listening upon downloading the file to your computer. It is compressed into a ZIP file.**

    **Upon purchase you must open the ZIP file on your computer before syncing onto any device of your choice**

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