Alpha Female Queen V3.1 | Goddess, Confidence & Grace

Alpha Female Queen V3.1 | Goddess, Confidence & Grace

Alpha Female Queen V3.1 | Goddess, Confidence & Grace

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Seductress, Confidence & Grace


Alpha Female (with TitanTech) is designed to improve your deep-rooted confidence in yourself and your future. This subliminal is designed to increase your charm, influence in social circles, and ability to connect with strangers.

Take control of your life. Tap into your feminine power and become who you were meant to be. 

This was specifically designed and engineered for women to become the Queen of their life.

What's Inside of the Alpha Female Script:

  • Feminine Power module so you can tap into an immense source of power in your life which means you will be utilizing all of your vast internal resources as an Alpha Woman to win at life. 
  • Body Love module so you can feel comfortable in your body which means you will radiate powerful energy of confidence and self-trust at all times. 
  • Social Power module so you can know how to act in all social situations which means you will be able to relate to anyone, anywhere. 
  • Delusional Confidence module is here so you will feel confident no matter what external situations are happening which means you will be able to pursue everything you want without hesitation. 
  • Self Esteem Mastery module so you can take responsibility for your life, like yourself which means nothing will stop you internally from being happy now and in the future. 
  • Extreme Self Love module so you can love yourself completely which means you can attract people into your life that aren't empty and negative. 
  • People Pleasing Eradicator module is very important. It was written so you can stop subconsciously seek other people's approval which means you will do what you want instead of submitting to others' wills. 
  • Charisma & Charm module so you can be extremely charismatic and charming in all social situations which means people love to be around you and be influenced by you.
  • Men Attraction module was written for you to be in complete harmony with men which means if you want them to like you, they will. If you want them to befriend you, they will.
  • Feminine Warmth module so you can tap into one of the gifts of the feminine energy, warmth. Which means others will look to you for guidance and enjoy being around your energy. 
  • Attraction Generator module will make you attractive to opportunities, money, and any mate that you desire which means your aura and vibe will attract the right people. 
  • Safe & Sound module was written so that you will feel deeply safe in this world which means subconsciously you will relax, alleviating anxiousness and unconscious fears. 
  • Career Mode module was written so you can start winning in your career which means if you want promotions or a new job, opportunities will reveal themselves if you continue to move forward. 
  • Fearless module will make you extremely bold day-to-day which means you will pursue your dreams at a full force, the way only an Alpha Female can. 
  • Extreme Winner module so you can identify as a winner which means you will channel the universal power called the 'Winner Effect' for massive results. 
  • Extreme Improver module will focus on the 1% gains done day by day which means you will improve much faster than others. 
  • Discipline Mastery module so you can sacrifice immediate gratification which means you will to whats necessary to reach your goals. 
  • Beautifier module so you can radiate with gorgeous and beautiful vibrations. 
  • Clean & Organized module so you can keep a clean and orderly environment which means you will not live and rest in an area that has negative chaotic energy.
  • Moral Code module so you can make moral decisions in your day-to-day, having your higher self as your personal guide. 
  • Unstoppable Motivation module so you can pursue your goals and dreams with the full force of your Alpha Female Power. 
  • Positivity Unleasher module so you can feel good starting today which means you will get results faster, as your vibration will be increasing. 
  • Wealth Accelerator module is massive. It's designed to fix negative and limiting beliefs and install new powerful positive money believes which means your relationship with wealth will dramatically improve. 
  • Shame Destroyer so you can feel enough right now which means you will live a life of fulfillment and meaning instead of seeking external events & people to validate you.
  • Past Forgiver module is extremely powerful. It is designed to reframe and release any past memories that are not serving you right now which means you will not be walking through life with negative baggage. 
  • Lifestyle Optimizer so you can live a lifestyle that brings you joy and happiness, whatever that looks like in your imagination and goals. 
  • Goddess Core module will tap and command every cell, organ, and subconscious power to improve your inner and external beauty which means you will become a modern-day goddess of feminine grace.
  • Goddess Hair module so that your hair will channel its natural oils and look as beautiful as a goddess. 
  • Goddess Skin module so that anything preventing you from having beautiful radiant skin will be erased which means you will shine like a goddess.
  • Goddess Face module so you can naturally develop a more symmetrical and feminine face which means you will become more attractive and irresistible. 
  • Goddess Smile module so you can mesmerize and seduce everyone with just a smile. 
  • Goddess Body module so you can develop a beautiful goddess body of your dreams which means you will look good and feel great!
  • Extreme Love module so you can open your heart and let love come in and pour out and enter every area of your life in abundance. 
  • Relationship Harmonizer module was written to improve existing relationships and seek new beneficial ones which means your network will grow in numerous positive ways. 
  • Releaser module so you can let go of any mental, physical and spiritual subconscious blocks which means you can metaphorically 'empty your cup' to allow great new events to enter. 

**Audio duration length: There are (4) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

**This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

**You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.** 

**Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase.**

**You can immediately begin listening upon downloading the file to your computer. It is compressed into a ZIP file.**

**Upon purchase you must open the ZIP file on your computer before syncing onto any device of your choice**

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