What Does Subliminal Mean?

Sub = below

Liminal = the line

In this case, we are referring to the line between our conscious mind and subconscious.

We are looking to demolish that line and communicate, command and plant ideas into the subconscious (the root of all behavior).

Think about all the amount of data that is being bombarded at you during the day. It's trillions and trillions of little bits, moment by moment.

Our mind doesn't process that. It simply can't. That's why our brain is designed to only show us what we pay attention to.

This is called the Reticular Activation System, also known as the RAS. Have you ever talked about red cards and next thing you know, there are red cars EVERYWHERE? That's the RAS working.

They were always there, but we were not aware of it.

When we were focusing on red cars, the other colors became 'subliminal'. 

Our goal, when creating subliminal audio is to distract and penetrate the conscious mind in order to gain complete access to our subconscious.

Once inside of this amazing area, we can play and create.

Plant ideas, release negativity, change your self image, thought patterns, behaviors. Anything you desire. 

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