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    What Are Subliminal Messages ?

    What Are Subliminal Messages ?

    First off, welcome to our website. The home of the most powerful subliminals known to man.

    Anyways, enough bragging :), let's break this down once and for all.

    To make something 'subliminal' means to bypass the conscious mind.

    Sub = below

    Liminal = line

    So, below the line of your conscious awareness.

    We are looking to speak and command to your subconscious mind. 

    95% of your behavior is dictated by this part of your brain. It plays the LARGEST role in deciding whether you achieve the goals and success you desire.

    Seem important enough? Yeah, I think so.

    So, one of the laws of communicating with the subconscious mind is utilizing repetition. 

    Think about the conscious mind as the bodyguards and bouncers into an exclusive nightclub. 

    We want to get into the nightclub because that's where the fun is.

    Repetition is the bribe that we pay in order to go right in.

    Messages must be repeated in order for our conscious mind to ignore them.

    So back to the original question.

    What are subliminal messages?

    They are either visual or auditory (we use auditory) stimuli embedded in some sort of medium to communicate/transmit an idea into another person. 

    This is done by using certain stimuli that is below the normal limits of our brain's perception. 

    Our conscious mind (the bouncer) might not see it, but our subconscious mind perceives it.

    Example: if I was playing a video and in the middle of the clip I put an image that flashed in a microsecond. You wouldn't know what it was even with 20/20 vision. But your subconscious would pick it up and register it. 

    We do this with subliminal audio.

    Placing affirmations beneath a binaural beat, healing tones and powerful brainwave inducing audio. So the stimuli is not heard by the conscious mind, but your subconscious is hearing the affirmations clearly.


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