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    How To Get More Out Of Your Subliminals (Strategy #2)

    How can you get more out of your subliminals?

    Strategy #2: Play Time

    This strategy will be one of the simpler ones to follow, but it still needs to be said.

    How often are you listening?

    30 minutes a day?

    2 hours a day?

    5 hours?

    A constant theme from the people that have the most success from our audios is the amount of playtime. We have noticed on average that those who play anywhere from 10-18 hours a day have the most results. 

    Of course - there are many who have results by listening once a day with intention. Others a couple of hours here and there.

    Everyone is different, and there are an infinite amount of variables that go into this. For instance subconscious blocks, past traumas, conflicting beliefs, previous negative programming. 

    Everyone is different - but on average, those that listen 10-18 hours a day get the best results.

    So, how do you actually do this...practically?

    First - hours played while you sleep count. In fact, we always recommend people to create a repeating playlist of their favorite tracks, click play and leave it on in the background as you go about your day. By no means do you have to be in a lotus position listening intently to these tracks. In fact, the opposite is more effective!

    Remember the goal of these audios? They are subliminal. 

    Meaning below the line of your conscious mind. Their objective is to speak directly to your subconscious. So if you are focused on work, a podcast, youtube video while listening...great! 

    We want to sneak in through the back door and avoid the conscious mind from stopping these messages from passing by.

    So do your work, enjoy your day-to-day and keep it on in the background is a strategy our top users do on a day-to-day basis. 

    Will you see results if you can't manage to play that long?

    Yes, however, it might take a bit longer. For those that can't get the hours in, we recommend focusing on what you can control. For instance, make sure to do the daily journaling + the future strategies we will be revealing over the next coming weeks. 

    That's it for this strategy - UP YOUR PLAY TIME!


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