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    How To Get More Out Of Your Subliminals (Strategy #1)

    How can you get more out of your subliminals? 

    Strategy #1: Elite Daily Journaling

    Subliminal audio effects everyone differently. Some people see an immediate massive shift within minutes of playing. Others it takes a few weeks. 

    As you already know, there are an infinite amount of variables at play within your conscious/subconscious mind. Despite this, there are guaranteed to work strategies that will help you have results even faster. 

    Here is an overview of how subliminal audio works.

    Think of it as a similar experience to working out. Some people have elite genetics, others don't but with consistency and a great nutrient dense diet, results are guaranteed. 

    If you workout every day for a month, you'll start to see your body begin to shape up depending on your goals.

    However, let's say if you were to compare your body on day 31 vs day 32. Would you notice any differences?

    Do you notice the difference between day 32 and day 33?

    Day 33 vs. Day 34?

    Day 34 vs. Day 35?

    Day 60 vs. Day 61?

    It's tough to pay attention to the day to day improvements because it's too small a difference. But the reality is - the change is happening.

    You can apply this to a plant as well. A small plant watered every day over months and months will grow and have many leaves. But you won't notice the change from yesterday till today.

    In both these examples, you can't tell the difference if your comparison is zoomed in on the day-to-day.

    However if you look at a picture of your body day 1 of working out vs day 90 of working out and eating well. You will see the obvious changes.

    The proof is there, it's just not being recorded.

    A daily journal of what went well, what went wrong will allow you to keep track of your progress. What get's measured and recorded grows dramatically. 

    Begin to pay attention and record all of the micro improvements happening on a day-to-day basis. 

    Next thing you know, it's been 6 months and you go back in your journal and realized how shocking the changes have been. 

    We see this time and time again. 

    Upon purchase, you receive an 'Extreme Workbook' PDF. You can choose to use this one or your own physical journal.

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