How do affirmations work?

In this day and age. Navy Seals, the highest caliber athletes, presidents, prime ministers all use affirmations.

Having positive self-talk is completely accepted nowadays.

The idea comes from the premise that if we hear or repeat an idea, the mind eventually establishes that as a fact. Once this is done, it changes our reality.

Affirmations have become an accepted term in psychology and have been proven with brain scans, neuropsychology, and various studies. 

The thing with affirmations is that it takes massive amounts of repetition to have long-lasting permanent change. This happens because repeating positive words is your conscious mind working. It takes effort.

95% of behavior comes from the subconscious.

Affirmations must be repeated thousands of times WITH emotion in order to bypass the conscious mind.

That's why we created our powerful Subliminals. Audio that goes straight to the source. For results NOW rather than waiting for the future. 

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