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    Become A Social Genius V4.0 Subliminal | Improve Your Social Skills

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    Become A Social Genius V4.0 Subliminal | Improve Your Social Skills


    Improve Your Social Skills Subliminal


    It's time for you to become a Social Genius.

    The ability to know intuitively what to do in any social context.

    This subliminal audio is designed to eliminate all of your social anxiety. The nervousness. The people pleasing and approval seeking behavior from its root (the subconscious mind).

    Let go of all of the hidden blocks in your mind and be you. Authentic. Genuine. Sincere. 

    Stop caring what people think. No more holding back. Express yourself completely. 

    The goal is simple. Make you the most advanced socially skilled person in the world. This works for extroverts, introverts or anyone in between.

    The goal is two-fold. First, to remove the blockages, patterns and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from socializing and connecting. Second, to install a social confidence to express yourself authentically in any context and time. 

    If you want to connect at work? Done.

    If you want to connect with a significant other? Done.

    If you want to meet a romantic partner? Done.

    If you want to communicate through the phone or in writing? Done.

    Whoever, whenever. 

    Let Social Genius V3.1 grow & elevate your social skills exponentially starting right now. Just look what's inside of this script. 

    What's Inside of the Social Genius Script:

    • Social Genius Paradigm Destroyer script so you can remove and reframe past limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. Anything that isn't useful for you becoming a social genius will be deleted, erased from the subconscious mind. 
    • Socializer Core script so you can ingrain positive connections to any type of socializing which means you will begin to enjoy every part of the social world. If socializing is fun, easy and makes you happy...why wouldn't you want to do it?
    • Social Genius Core script so you can become a limitless social genius which means you will intuitively know what to do, when and how to do any social behavior or nuance. 
    • Verbal Genius script so you can speak and communicate in a very charming manner which means you will no longer ‘not know what to say’ when talking to others. The mental chatter thinking "should I say this or not" will be taken down and substituted with a free flow of verbal genius. 
    • Attractive & Irresistible script so you can be perceived in a very attractive manner which means others will be curious and want to meet you.
    • Curiosity Booster script so you can approach the world in a curious manner which will inspire you to ask great questions, take interest in others. People will feel this coming from you and respond very positively.
    • Personality Enhancer script will enhance the positive aspects of your personality which will make you come off as authentic, unique and charismatic. 
    • Warmth Amplifier script will allow you to come off warm, loving and interested which means others will trust you and desire to be around you more often. You aren't trying to take anything from them which is a very charismatic & likable trait.
    • Influence & Persuasion Mastery script so that when you talk you will be able to influence and persuade others to your point of view. 
    • Friendship & Connector script so you can meet friends, build powerful social networks and connect deeply to others. 
    • High-Status Humor script will allow you to develop and find your own unique sense of humor without the self-deprecating and low self esteem jokes. 
    • Popularity Amplifier script so you can develop social power in whatever network you choose to join. 
    • Likability Booster script so that anyone who meets you will instantly like you, enjoy spending time with you which means you will find it easier to make and retain friendships.
    • Storyteller Mastery script will help you develop your ability to tell a story, keep people intrigued and be charismatic in a group or individual setting. 
    • Genius Listener script so you can truly listen and connect to others by listening, paying attention and not being lost in your mind. 
    • Photogenic Amplifier script so you can look great naturally in all photos that you take or others take of you. You will naturally learn your angles and how to pose to amplify your most attractive qualities. 
    • Powerful Presence script will allow you to have a noticeable and powerful presence that permeates in any social context you find yourself in. People will introduce themselves to you, notice and befriend you.
    • Make Friends Easily script is designed to remove any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from meeting new people that support your goals and life. 
    • Delusional Confidence Lite script so you can have full trust in yourself and feel completely confident even in unfamiliar situations. 
    • Social Anxiety Eliminator script so you will stop feeling anxious in front of others which means you can be yourself fully without any hindrances. 
    • Authenticity Amplifier script so you can always come off as authentic and genuine despite the continual work on yourself. Being able to come off this way is one of the most attractive traits in anyone. 
    • Unlimited Energy script so you can naturally regain energy, this works especially for introverts. Social interactions will feel more invigorating and  less of a boring drain. 
    • Charisma Mastery script will have you speaking in a very powerful and influential manner, garnering the attention of everyone in your social context. 
    • Charm Mastery script so you effortlessly become charming when the social context requires it. 
    • Self Esteem Mastery script is written so you take personal responsibility, choose to like and love yourself and easily come back when met with rejection or temporary defeat. 
    • People Pleasing Eradicator script so you can eliminate any remnants of people pleasing which means you will stop being needy and more people will like you, for you. Subconscious neediness is one of the core reasons why you aren't hitting your social goals. 
    • Seductive Eye Contact script so you can communicate and connect with others by tapping into the tremendous power of eye contact. Being a Social Genius 
    • High Status Walk script so you can walk in a confident purposeful manner. This walk will bring attention towards you, invite social opportunities and much more. 
    • Positivity Amplifier script so you can feel good which means you will come off as more charming/charismatic. Your energy and vibe will be electric and inviting, allowing others to feel a magnetic pull towards you. 
    • Fearless Amplifier script so you can move forward in life in a fearless manner not being stopped by low vibration blockages. 
    • Powerful Identity script so you can forge a new and improved self-image/identity which means you will begin to see yourself as a social genius, and begin to act in congruent manners. Acting in a socially powerful way will feel more normal than not. 
    • Releaser script so you can release any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming a social genius. It's time to let go of the past and create a more fulfilling future. 

      **Upon purchase you must open the ZIP file on your computer before syncing onto any device of your choice**

      **Audio duration length: There are (8) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

      **This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

      **You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.** 

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