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    Greek God Physique V4.0 Subliminal | Fitness & Wellness

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    Greek God Physique V4.0 Subliminal | Fitness & Wellness


    Fitness & Wellness Subliminal


    Greek God Physique has arrived. 

    This is the ultimate subliminal audio for your physical development.

    This product is designed to install the most positive, effective mindset for you to reach peak physical condition. 

    Mindset. Discipline. Fat loss. Extreme confidence boost. Sleep. Determination. Motivation. Attraction. 

    Immediately upon using it, you will notice a shift from your:

    • Sleep quality and duration.
    • Desire to workout and put in the work required. 
    • Nutrition and ease of making the correct choices.
    • Mindset. The determination, discipline to really change your body into something amazing. 
    • Energetically you will align vibrationally to your health and wellness goals. 

    It is time to demand your body to reach its genetic potential.

    Greek God Physique is here for YOU. 

    What's Inside of the Greek God Physique Script:

    • Physical Paradigm Destroyer module is here so you can reframe and let go of any limiting beliefs and mindsets which means your mind will become fertile soil for maximum physical growth. 
    • Greek God Core module is absolutely massive. This was written so you can begin to mold your body through daily workouts as if you were drawing an image of someone.
    • Unlimited Energy module so you can workout with intensity and have the energy in the first place to do the workout which means you will feel better and actually follow through in pursuit of your physical and wellness goals.
    • Unlimited Vitality module, so you can feel powerful and strong which means that not only will you look better, your core will feel better as well. 
    • Exercising Identity module will develop your self-image as someone that enjoys to workout which means that it will no longer be what you do but who you are. 
    • Look Better module is written so that you can look more attractive and see noticeable results in all the important areas which means the world will begin to give you positive feedback. 
    • Love Your Body module so you can appreciate everything about yourself which means you won't be working out to meet some empty goal. You will enjoy the process and feel good about it. 
    • Cellular Health module so you can have your cells and organs in perfect harmony which means your entire body will be a missile approaching your physical goal. 
    • Extreme Improver module is here so you can focus on the 1% gains day by day which means you will reach your goal with maximum effectiveness.
    • Extreme Discipline module will allow you to sacrifice immediate gratification which means you will actually reach the endpoint (your goal) instead of being distracted upon the way. 
    • Goal Achiever module is here so that you can feed the energetic pull that achieving your goal is inevitable which means you will take the daily actions necessary. 
    • Habit Builder module will create an internal positive feedback loop, linking exercise with happiness which means you will want to work out and stay in incredible shape. 
    • Unstoppable Motivation module so you can progress physically even on those rainy days when you feel terrible.
    • Action Taking Mastery module will fill you with the correct mindset to accomplishing amazing feats.
    • Releaser module so you can let go of any spiritual, mental, and physical blocks that are stopping you from achieving your fitness & wellness goals which means you will be an empty cup with only positivity ready to be poured in. 

    You are now able to build your perfect body. Order now before the price goes up. 

    PS. To have a strong mind, you must have a strong body. This is ancient wisdom. It's time to take your life to the next level. Invest in Greek God V4.0 today and begin your transformation. 

    **Audio duration length: There are (8) versions of the same script. They are all equally effective and it's just a matter of preference. Each audio length is 30 minutes**

    **This product comes with a free upgrade for an entire lifetime. If we improve the technology in any way, you will have access to the newer version.**

    **You will also receive six bonuses with this purchase.** 

    **Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase.**

    **You can immediately begin listening upon downloading the file to your computer. It is compressed into a ZIP file.**

    **Upon purchase you must open the ZIP file on your computer before syncing onto any device of your choice**

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